sâmbătă, 22 aprilie 2017

The Tits'n Booze

Imagine a bar so famous, that it's not only known in that town, or in that country, or even on the whole planet for that matter, but in the entire galaxy...
Well, Tits'n Booze was such a bar. Now, it wasn't the best looking bar, or the cleanest, and God knows, it wasn't always the nicest floks hanging around there, and inside you would only find what it said on the sign outside: naked ladies and beverages of the alcoholic variety. But this place wasn't famous for it's service, or for the atmosphere, but because it was a safe haven, a neutral place where creatures from across the known universe could come and enjoy a moment of peace.
On this particular evening, a purple blob with green-yellow tentacles landed its strangely looking ship and slid across the floor straight to the bar and asked with a high-pitched screeching noise...
- ¤§#*¢¥&!!!...
- We don't serve that shit in here, said J. from behind the bar. Whiskey or beer, pal, take your pick!
The creature started to change colours, changing from purple to red and slamming one of its tentacles on the bar and letting out another, even more ear-scratching noise
- ¤¢¥§&¢¤¥!!!!
At this point, the whole bar fell silent. J. reached for 'his old faithful', a long barreled gun that he had from a time before people knew they're not alone in the universe. It was quiet. The kind of quiet when you know things are about to turn sour and it's best to stay low and keep out of trouble. J. opened his mouth to give the creature a final warning, but before he could say anything, M. came running from the other side of the counter and put an empty glass on the bar in front of the creature. The alien then shoved one of its tentacles into what must have been its head and ripped out one of its many eyes. He squeezed it into the glass and drank it, tissue and all...
- Forgive J., said M. He's new around here...
The creature mumbled something with a lower screech than before and crawled away.
You never know who's gonna walk in at the Tits'n Booze, but one thing's certain. Everyone is welcome...

luni, 13 martie 2017

I dreamed this story...

I was looking on YouTube and going through my subscriptions, and suddenly I see a video of a decaying corpse, and the title said Dead Girl Day 28.
The video was trending.
I looked at the subscribers... Now most people on YouTube have around 100k subscribers, and they are considered successful.
Some have 1 million, and the most successful youtuber of all time has 55 million subscribers.
This one had 3.8 billion!
I clicked on it and I was absolutely disgusted; it was just a video of a dead body decomposing on a time lapse, throughout the whole day.
The girl had no hair, and she was wearing a red/brown costume, very tight and minimal.
She was laying down on the floor of a dark room, under a small light, crouched in the fetal position.
You could see the pains of her death from the way she laid on the floor.
Next in the suggestion box to the right were videos of the same dead body with varying titles, like day 19, day 23, day 35...
The comments were saying, wow, she is beautiful, this is true dedication, what a masterpiece...
The thing is, no one knew where the body is or who is uploading the videos.
So I went on the profile page of the uploader and I started going through the videos.
As I clicked away going through the videos in reverse, the body was reverting to the original form,
undoing the damage of decay and revealing a beautiful girl. She was Asian.
The videos kept rolling until I ended up at one of her, alive. She was shaving her head and she said in perfect English that this is the last time she will speak to her fans. Goodbye and enjoy the show.
I clicked on the video before that and there she was again, saying that the plan is almost complete and soon it will all happen.
Before that, in another video, she said that she found the right place and she is sure that no one will disturb her plans or her body once everything was in place. She also mentioned that she found some people to help her and to do the video uploads after she is gone.
All of these videos had millions of views.
I skipped a few more videos and I went even further back, around a year before and I clicked a video that was titled My Biggest Creation.
There she was, our young and beautiful girl, saying that she decided to give to her fans the biggest possible gift. Her life. She is going to kill herself and allow them to watch her body decay and rot away. All of beauty is temporary and subjective, all fades away in the end, all that we are, even our names. She will use death as a form of art.
There were many videos before that, but I couldn't help myself and I went straight to the beginning and I clicked on the first video.
It was her, very pretty and smiling.
She said, hi everyone, you don't know me yet.
Before this video I didn't exist for any of you.
My name is Akita and I am Korean.
I am a visual artist...

joi, 9 martie 2017


Singură pustie
Nimeni nu o știe
Și se vaietă-ntruna
Numai ea și luna

Peste mări de gheață
Cu zăpezi pe față
Numai ea și vântul
Răscolesc pământul

Nimeni n-o aude
Taina nu-i pătrunde
Noaptea o ascunde
Nu se știe unde

Și mereu o doare
Fără alinare
Plânsetu-i se-aude
Până-n depărtare

Fără de spovadă
Nimeni să o vadă
Noaptea prin pustiuri
În a ei corvoadă

Prin pădure bate
De singurătate
Trece ca o umbră
Peste munți și ape

Nălucă nebună
Fulgeră și tună
După ea se-adună
Norii de furtună

Negru-i este gândul
Cerul și pământul
Printre flori de gheață
I-au săpat mormântul

luni, 31 octombrie 2016


We are all Angels, sent here to die.
We have fallen from grace because of our shameful ways,
And for that we have been condemned to this World,
To suffer and to fight amongst ourselves.

There is so much cruelty and sadness.
Rivers of tears carry away our broken dreams and our broken hearts.
We came here alone and we will depart in the same way.
We don't remember our sins,
But they must have been so great that redemption has been forever denied.

So here we are,
The Wicked,
The Hopeless,
The Unforgivable.

But we all still carry a Light within us.
We are all Angels sent here to die.

But we are all Angels.

marți, 4 octombrie 2016

Marele sictir

Ne credem smecheri
Si la minte teferi,
Tineri si mosnegi,
Toti ne vrem ciumegi.

Dar hai sa calculam,
Sa analizam,
De cand am aparut
Cam ce am facut.

Doua sau trei genii
Au slujit meltenii,
Doua, trei inventii
Ne-au indus pretentii.

Egiptul si Roma?
Apa de ploaie!
Realizari desarte.
Toate sunt patate-n
Cruciade, razboaie,

Recunoasteti, domnilor,
Ati facut-o de oaie!
De la ciuma bubonica
La bomba atomica,
Numai necazuri
Pe placa tectonica.

Singura speranta,
Ce extravaganta!
Sa plecam in glorie,
Disparand din istorie...


I know too much to be one of you.

I know too little to be one of them.

And far away, in the distance, all that remains are the clocks that will outlive us.

luni, 3 octombrie 2016

Love Leviathan

On your body I see oceans...
And I swim in the waves of your skin.
Your hair is a dark storm
That I do not fear,
 For I am the Leviathan that lives in you.

I am the Guardian of my own jail,
Lost in the endless waters of your arms
Forever bound to roam in your depths,
Unholy, yet pure,
For I am Love, and you are my Home.

And I dive furiously
Into the abyss of your eyes,
Beyond this world, but never quite in the other.
I gladly bear my curse,
For I am King in your infinite castle.